Friday, May 18, 2007

Enoki mushrooms

The freshest enoki's I've ever seen.

Like long, stark white pins.

Recipe to follow.


Johanna said...

Hi Lucy - your photos are beautiful but don't these mushrooms look like alien life form?

Susan said...

Can't wait to learn the recipe. I haven't a clue what they taste like nor what would best highlight their qualities. I've never seen them so pristine, either.

Rose said...

Do you eat them whole?

Lucy said...

Hi Johanna - that's what made them so appealling. They actually look poisonous and very alien-like!

Susan, they kind of taste like, well, nothing. My palate isn't quite refined enough to be able to discern a particular flavour, but they do have a sort-of crunch. Look good though.

Hi Rose - they are indeed tiny enough to eat whole. As a last second addition to a stir-fry, they are a very pretty thing. Though weird, like Joanna says!

Truffle said...

What a stunning photo! Will have my meme answers up tomorrow!

Cynthia said...

Hi Lucy, the few times I've eaten mushrooms, I've loved it. I just wish that we grew it here or had more access to it. All of our mushrooms are imported and we do not get a variety. Also, becasue they are imported, they are pretty pricey.

Can't wait to see what you make with those.

Lucy said...

Truffle, I'm looking forward to your meme!

I've never been so taken with mushrooms as I have over the last two years Cynthia. I've discovered the most wonderful stall at the market - he even sells fresh truffles! Living in such a gloriously beautiful part of the world as you do (am very jealous at times!), you have access to equally beautiful ingredients that make me drool.

It's great to live vicariously through each others food this way!