Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tiny potatoes

Baby Kipflers. Small and very sweet.

Tea towel, possibly the nicest gift ever, by Camilla Engman.


Simona said...

Wonderful composition!

VegeYum @ A Life (Time) of Cooking said...

Very lovely. I can see all sorts of things for those potatoes. But maybe hot with just a drizzle of oil and some fabulous sea salt?

Jackie said...

Yum! Kipflers are my favourite potato!

Wendy said...

I love little potatoesamd try to eat the skin first. :)
New photo, I see; it's great! Poppy in the background too.

Nora B. said...

The tea towel is so pretty! I can't enough of Kipflers. Lovely pic, Lucy. Hope that you had a good weekend.

Susan said...

Kipflers? I never heard of them, which, of course, means nothing. There are hundreds and hundreds of tater varieties out there. Such sweet little things. How tiny is tiny?

Lucy said...

Thanks Simona. I liked the orange against the bright white.

Exactly as they were served Vegyum! Simpler is better for lovely little treats such as these.

Hi Jackie - mine too. What would you do with them?

Wendy, that's a great way to attack them. I on the other hand can't wait that long usually...It's a funny one that shot. She's a shutterbug my dog.

Weekend was lovely Nora, but never long enough. Hot enough to fry an egg though!

About as big as your thumb and most as small as your thumbnail, Susan. Waxy-fleshed and just pulled from the earth, so the potato man told me. Lovely, pebbly little things.

winedeb said...

I love those cute potatoes! In fact I picked up a sack of them this weekend! Roasted in the oven or on an open grill - heaven!
The towel is beautiful:)