Friday, November 16, 2007

Me, me, me: Part 3

Four (eight) things you may (or may not) want to know about me…

First the ebullient Deb tagged me. Then Wendy, charmer that she is. How could I say no? That’s eight things by my calculation rather than the original four you’ll get.

Lucky you, eh?

From Deb…

Four places I have lived:
I’ve only lived in two cities, but, boy have I moved around…

1. Baulkham Hills – I grew up right on the leafy (then) edge of the city of Sydney. House backed onto bushland where my father’s garden was/is stunning.
2. Redfern – Anyone familiar with Sydney will now that moving from the idyllic quiet of the outer ‘burbs to a share house with 5 other people, on a major arterial road, next to petrol station near the airport is madness. I loved it. Blue plastic carpet and all.
3. Clovelly – 10 years and whole lot of Inner West houses (and even a brief stint in uber-groovy Bondi) later and I found my favourite place to live, by the sea (nearly). Before the groovy people and their baby carriages moved in; before I met The Artist.
4. Melbourne: Love it. More than I thought I would.

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Ice Cream Girl – replete with ‘attractive’ pink outfit. ‘Nuff said.
2. Children’s Bookseller – and storyteller. Not the best storyteller – I once terrified a child so much that his mother yelled at me. I was only doing a bear impersonation for heaven’s sake...
3. Reviewer – of children’s books. Free books. Yeah!
4. Don’t have a fourth one. Lots of retail stuff though. Lots. Can I say ‘writer’ now?

Four favourite holiday destinations (in no particular order):
1. Paris.
2. Rome.
3. Waiheke Island.
4. New York.

Four favourite Foods:
1. Fennel.
2. Fish sauce (Nuoc Cham) and anchovies (similar product really, just different cuisines).
3. Coconut milk (full fat, please)
4. Potatoes.

And from Wendy…

Four films I love:
1. Withnail & I – watched way too many times, I must add.
2. Lost in Translation - Bill Murray doing the Roxy Music classic, ‘More than this’ at karaoke…too funny.
3. Dancer in the Dark. Bjork breaking, B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G, my heart. Did the same to Edward (teenage step-son). We both sobbed, together in the backyard, for a full hour afterwards. Hard to watch…
4. The Door in the Floor. Jeff Bridges (ah, how similar you are to The Artist, Mr B.) as a children’s book author from the John Irving novel ‘Widow for One Year’. A very ‘adult’ (don’t snicker – not in that way) film.

Four things I like about summer:
1. Holidays.
2. Tomatoes.
3. Swimming, at the beach, especially with The Artist’s nieces and nephews (and the dog if possible).
4. Seeing old, trusted friends (hopefully).

Four foods I don’t like:
1. Chokoes. Urghhh…
2. Bananas. But I try, every day.
3. Milk. In things? Fine. But on its own…
4. Licorice.

Four favourite dog breeds:
1. Jack Russells. (Check out that amusing schmoodle…quite the fool.)
2. Border Collies.
3. Blue Healers.
4. Scruffy dogs. Any and all of them.

Four (lovely) people I’d like to tag: (who are by NO MEANS under any obligation to do so - you hear me? If you do want to play along, just pick any four topics above, or make up four of your own.)

Anh, Rosa, Cindy and Michael, and Cassie


Cindy said...

Tag noted! :-)

Another Outspoken Female said...

I love Waiheke Is, though it has been so long since I went to that magical place. It was like I slowed right down and my soul found a home. I don't think there was a single place to eat on the island at that stage, other than people's homes!

Sophie said...

Maybe we are palate twins Lucy - I really don't like bananas or milk on its own either...

Doesn't it drive you mad that so many smoothies are made with undeclared banana "as a base", like that means you won't be able to taste it? Arrgh, pet hate!

Lucy said...

Good-o Cindy. No obligations though.

AOF, that's when I really wish I'd gone, though it's still (incredibly) welcoming. It does have something about it that landscape - whole bloody country does for that matter. You must have eaten rather well, I imagine.

Absolutely Sophie - I mean, do people really think it's THAT undetectable a flavour? I like that - palate twins.

Susan said...

Boy, how I love Roxy Music. "Lost in Translation" was the first date movie I had with Scott.

Your Poppy is a little heartbreaker, she is. Who says you don't like licorice? Look at that gumdrop of a nose.

Rosa said...

Thanks for tagging me, Lucy! Turns out I quite like to talk about myself...

winedeb said...

Lucy! I absolutely adore the photo of your dog. I remember you posting of picture of him when you were getting ready to go on holiday. Too sweet! Children's books...I started to write one a few years back, but got distracted with something else and have never gone back to it. You are a great writer and that counts!!!!

Wendy said...

That was great fun to read! I have a friend who lives on Waiheke and sends me photos in January, the horror.
Adore "Lost in Translation" too. Love the relationship between the two characters.
And the photo of Poppy! Dog's noses make me happy. :)

cassie said...

Lucy, it was wonderful to read more about you!

Your dog... oh those eyes and eyebrows, floppy ears, that sweet expression and cute little black nose! Melts my heart!

I've never heard of chokoes before and you have me curious. Licorice was never a favorite of mine either. I can't say I can relate to not liking bananas though. I love them!

Have a beautiful weekend. And thanks for tagging me. I will play along. :)

Wendy said...

Oh, and I love scruffy dogs too. Even the smelly ones.

Callipygia said...

Oh I would have to say your top three movies are also my favorites!When I was younger I saw Withnail & I so many times, thought it was hilarious. Years later seeing it, I was struck harder by the tragedy than the comedy. I love that about experiencing movies over time...

Anh said...

Lucy, tag noted! ;)

And I discovered that we have things in common:

1. I don't like banana!

2. And like any Vietnamese, I can't live without fish sauce ;) Anchovies are my thing, too!

Cynthia said...

It's a pleasure getting to know a little more about you :)

Lucy said...

That, Susan, would have sealed the deal for me. I've always had a thing for Bryan Ferry; that voice! She's a funny little thing that Poppy dog...with a very delicious licorice-coloured schnozz.

Yeah Rosa - it's surprisingly fun, isn't it?

Thanks Deb! You, my dear, should get out that manuscript and get started once more - I'd love to hear more about your book idea.

Wendy, that's a friend you'd better keep in contact with - it's stunning. Bill Murray's perfect in that role, but Scarlett Johansen (sp?) is his equal, for certain.

Cassie, I can't wait to see what you come up with. Whatever you do, don't touch a choko with a ten foot pole!!! They're just plain wrong;)

Withnail is deeply sad Callipygia, deeply troubling in as many ways as it splits your sides with laughter - kindred souls, methinks.

Anh, I reckon fish sauce is the hardest flavour to replicate in veg cooking. Glad you're a banana-phobe too!

Thanks Cynthia - you're in my sights next time...

Nora B. said...

Hi Lucy,
It's was nice to know more about you. I didn't know that you were from NSW. Clovelly would have been a lovely place to live. I didn't "get" lost in Translation, but absolutely loved Dancer in the Dark. Have you seen "Venus" (with Peter O'Toole). I cried a few times. It's just out on DVD.