Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mandarin skins

Once dried, on the window sill, these mandarin peels will be slipped into a small bottle of tamari and put away in a cool, dark place to mature.

Thick, luscious, salty, citrussy. Like nothing you can buy.

Last year, Kathryn of Limes and Lycopene offered a month long series of posts encouraging readers to gain more energy. This year, for the whole of August, she's revisiting the idea with an eye on your diet.

Each day, Kathryn, or one of a series of guest hosts, offers helpful, practical and, most importantly, achievable ways to get you feeling good about what you eat.

Head on over here to get on board. Invaluable dietary and lifestyle advice.

Required reading this August.


Carson said...

Mandarine tamari you say? You're full of surprises :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting mandarin peel idea. I've never done anything like this before, but it certainly seems worth a try.
And, Kathryn's site is great, isn't it? I look forward to reading the tips each day.

Holler said...

What a great idea Lucy! What will you use them for once they are ready?

Julia said...

Very creative. We always dry our peel over the open fire in winter. The wole house smells great. Now I know what to do wih it after that!

bee said...

citrus peels in tamari? what a brilliant idea. i'm gonna try this what else? galangal? lemongrass? the possibilities are endless.