Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reasons to be Cheerful

a seam of yellow

This month’s edition of Click!, brought to you by bee and jai of Jugalbandi, features Yellow as its theme. Yellow, more specifically, for Bri. With the help of the wider community, bee and jai are banding together to raise funds for Bri's battle with cancer. They have very nearly reached their target. Accordingly, that cheerful seam of yellow, there at the top, is my entry.

What could be more cheerful than bunches of organic rainbow chard for $1.99 each? I’ve arranged (well, alright, plonked) them in jars and vases around the house. Those impossibly bright colours are perfect fodder for The Artist.

The garden is bustling with the noisy, energetic antics of a family of brightly-breasted parrots, who have, just this week, discovered the bounty in the backyard trees.

Flickr. It’s my new (old) favourite toy.

There’s a tonne of work to plough through, and way more to come, but the task itself is cheerful enough.

Those nice people at Mealopedia have been sifting through and highlighting some older posts, things I had (very nearly) forgotten.

A project, something else very nearly forgotten - something offline, you know, out there in the real world - has been reactivated.

Yesterday’s salad of very thin shavings of celery (those tender, pale, inner stalks), fennel, witlof and two wee turnips made a startlingly good lunch. Dressed with teeny, tiny capers; the last of the hazelnut oil and a few fresh walnuts, toasted and broken up.

To top things of very nicely, it’s raining. Finally. Soakingly. I feel like dancing.

Many, many reasons to be Cheerful, don't you think?


Ricki said...

Reasons for cheerfulness, indeed! The photos (gorgeous) and the useful info are much appreciated (mealopedia! great name). And how nice to have a (mysterious?) project reactivated. Hope it goes well, and the rain continues. . . just long enough. :)

Wendy said...

Many many reasons indeed. Mealopedia's new to me. Love it.

Callipygia said...

I think the unifying power transmitted from a group of thoughtful encouraging bloggers to another is big, vibrant and life enhancingly yellow! Three cheers for the rain!

Holler said...

It is absolutely beautiful and you are right it makes me want to reach for the paints!

You are such a talented photograher Lucy! *pat on back* for you!

Anonymous said...

This time of year is so wonderful. I think that it has been a long time since I appreciated it so much. Usually I hate the cold, but this year there is something different in the way that I look at it.

In the morning, I awake to one lone New Holland Honey Eater chirping from the tree outside my window. He must be lonely because usually they are in groups. But he sings his heart out still. And then takes his morning bath in my big water bowl.

I was missing you and came to visit your site to see whether you were Ok. Glad that you are.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Reasons to be cheerful: really good fast free wifi at Wellington Airport.

Reasons to be optimistic: that despite the ghastly weather and poor visibility outside that the plane will be on time.

Reasons to be ambivalent: I have two "homes". Leaving one to return to the other is bittersweet.

Good on you for taking time outside of the blog to recharge and become inspired again :)

Susan said...

That pulsing yellow vein...

Soaking rains. Hooray! May Australia have forty days and nights of them.

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

Another reason to be cheerful, my’re the recipient of an E for Excellent award from yours truly. Please stop by and pick it up!

Simona said...

Your photos are places where the eyes can rest and relax. The mind is then inspired.

winedeb said...

To capture those vibrant chard colors on canvas...that would be cheerful! Lucky you to have a wonderful rain. It has been very dry here and my plants are begging for some relief from mother nature. Water from a hose is just not the same. A project reactivated! Sounds fun! Good luck with it Lucy!
Never heard of mealopedia...going to go check it out now!

Nora B. said...

I only need one reason to be cheerful! You've captured the cheerfulness so perfectly. What a fantastic idea to place the chards in vases...who needs flowers with these around the house :-)

x Nora

Kyle @ Yumoh said...

Beautiful photos on your site... you would probably also enjoy Rick Lee's pics of his Thursday Night grocery shop:

Rick had an emergency visiti to hospital over his heart - he is fine now - but curiously, the photos he took of vegies around that time all looked like swollen arteries!

It's so important to support our beautiful blogger friends - it's such a generous and kind-hearted community.

Thank you for sharing your creativity!

Rosa said...

I'm thinking along yellow lines myself, after too much green and red lately - how beautiful this chard is! How I love those bunches of chard in the market!

bee said...

thank you, dear lucy, for your support and a spectacular entry.

kale for sale said...

The chard is art. I read this post last week while in need of good cheer and for days have been siting reasons to be cheerful. Yesterday it was a ball of sheeps wool and today a brilliant head of purple cauliflower. Thanks for the inspiration. You are yellow!