Thursday, May 22, 2008

Youse* Make My Day

below the nasturtiums, things look otherworldly

Though I would describe myself as someone who eschews attention and finds herself regularly opting out of anything that smacks of ‘joining in’ – always have, probably always will – unusually, I find it hard not to pass on some awards that have recently and, I’m sorry to say, not so recently, come my way. My mother would be very embarrassed if I waited a moment longer to pass out and acknowledge the generosity of fellow bloggers who have, very generously, considered Nourish Me worth awarding. But I hate making choices – so many of you write so damn well – and so have limited myself…somewhat.

You Make My Day:
That it came from Shula of Poppalina is all the more reason to pass it on. Yoga goddess, creator of exquisite handmade things and a woman with a seriously Good Eye, she, without exception, always makes my day.

Callipygia of Foodchair draws and writes about food and produce with great subtlety, incredible, breath-taking skill and a wry sense of humour.

Lisa. Because everything she cooks – every, single, thing – is exactly what I want to eat.

‘E’ for Excellent:
Ricki awarded me this some time ago, and more recently Towser of Melbourne’s Spot4Nosh was generous enough to extent it, too. Thanks, guys!

Stephanie. Because I love her. To bits. And because she straddles two writing worlds in an enviably, deliciously good way.

Carson of Needle's Edge. Carson blogs and knits from Sydney. Literate, clever, funny, stepping into her little corner of the world is calming and very, very beautiful.

Yummy Blog Award!:
Vegeyum of A Life (Time) of Cooking awarded this, a woman whose wisdom and gentleness make her yummier than to me than you can imagine. I was floored. Me? Yummy? How lovely!

Wendy. You should see what this woman can do with a camera and the wild Scottish landscape.

Christina, oh Christina. Teacher, gardener, writer, keeper of family recipes and heirloom seeds. You simply blow me away.

Johanna. Because your food, my friend, is so very, very yummy.

Blogging With A Purpose:
Thanks to Another Outspoken Female of the Melbourne blog Confessions of a Food Nazi. A.O.F.’s is an individual and inspired approach to eating and cooking. Honoured? You bet.

Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs. You see, she does all of that, from a vegan perspective no less, but who’d know it? Everything is perfectly delicious. Ricki, I could have given you every single one of these awards, but where, I wonder, would you put them all?

Katrina of Kale for Sale. Passion for the welfare of planet and an extraordinarily spare, elegant way with words. In awe, I am, and often.

* ‘youse’** is the Australian plural form of ‘you’. Said slurring a little on the ‘se’ part and often used in the phrase, “I love youse all” made ‘famous’ by Aussie boxer Jeff Fenech.

(**Not really. But then, I do have a fondness, an affection even, for the way we Australians play with language.)


Johanna said...

thanks lucy - very kind (and your blog is grouse, mate and deserves all the awards under the sun!)

Lucy said...

Grouse, Johanna.

I knew someone could top 'youse'!


Wendy said...

Awww, what a lovely start to the day. Thank you. You make my day too. :)
LOVE the first photo. Can't see the last one for some reason?
And we use "youse" in Scotland too. Been told I shouldn't as I'm an English teacher but bugger that!

Anonymous said...

Youse doin' well! Congratulations on well deserved awards. I love looking at new blogs and although some of these are well known to me and loved, others were totally new! And exciting. Goodonyamate. Avagooweeken.

Carson said...

congrats for all those well-deserved awards.
And thankyou :) I am certainly honoured to be in such august company. Literate? Ooo um I must lift my game then. What can I say but:
Oy love youse too n that, eh?

Ricki said...

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy! (I think there's a song lyric in there somewhere--?). Well, you've done it: rendered me speechless.

Thank you, truly, to one of the most talented bloggers out there (all the awards are well-deserved!), whose generous spirit shines in all you write.

Oh, and I can't see the final photo, either. Hate to miss one of yours!

Christina said...

Aren't you the best thing in the world? You are! Thank you so much for your kind words: I really appreciate them, especially coming from someone I admire so fiercely.

Lucy said...

Wendy, am rather pleased to hear that youse has universal status. There is no last photo...which would explain why you can't see one. (I did however go and check, just to make sure...brain a little cloudy, today!)

Bewdy, Vegeyum. You 'aveagoodweeken, too, mate!

Carson, your Library Thing widget-y thingo is full to the brim with good reading. Congrats, darls.

Ricki, you are very kind, but everything I said about you is true. And then some. No final photo today...just those odd little nasturtiums at the top! Congrats to youse, too.

Lucy said...

Christina, like you I normally shy away from these sort of 'pass it on' things, so consider your good self well and truly absolved of having to do just that. It's all true. Every word.

Callipygia said...

How truly well deserved. Yes there are many well written/presented blogs out there. But I have quickly become quite smitten by yours. Soulful, exquisite at capturing the moment, and genuine. I read this right before I went to sleep and dreamt that I traveled to meet you! We had a great time btw.

kale for sale said...

Oh my. I've visited all the links and cried, salivated, laughed, I even let out a gasp. What a wonderful journey and such a beautiful world. You've created your own mosaic but with people instead of photos and it's equally appealing. Thank you for including me. I'm so happy you got all those awards.

Lisa said...

"Though I would describe myself as someone who eschews attention and finds herself regularly opting out of anything that smacks of ‘joining in’ – always have, probably always will..."

Well, the more I learn about you, the more it seems we have in common. I blushed with embarrassment when I read these musing of yours. Firstly, because I haven't visited your blog for a few days and am late in thanking you for this kind gesture. The sentiments are mutual, yes, they are. Secondly, I have received a few food blog awards lately, and while I have acknowledged this kindness in comments, I have failed to thank them on my own blog.

Lucy, you truly are a source of inspiration for me.

Lucy said...

Calli, I've no doubt that we had a great time. We would undoubtedly eat very, VERY well. Thank you, my friend.

Oh, Katrina, how welcome you are. Clicking away on links it's amazing ust how many lives we are allowed into. Glad you enjoyed. Congrats, to you. Well deserved.

Lisa, embarrassed though you are, I shall go a little futher...The inspiration I get from your cooking and words is exactly what got you this award in the first place! Keep it up, darls. You are a star.