Friday, May 9, 2008

Autumn market finds

Shopping somewhere new, sharing the experience with someone whose sense of excitement over beautiful vegetables is matched by my own.

The generosity of the blogging community never fails to surprise and delight.

A shared lunch. Faster and more delectable than you can imagine.

Recipe, here.


Vicki said...

Purple kohlrabi! I'm so jealous.

Another Outspoken Female said...

A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled :) It was a great day.

I only wish I'd actually artfully arranged the gyoza on a pretty platter. The dash of umeboshi vinegar you added to the dipping sauce worked so well.

Now - I seriously have to loose my kohlrabi virginity sometime over the next few days otherwise it will end up as some kind of installation piece with the celeriac :)

Lucy said...

It's such a vibrant shade of purple Vicki, that I'm not surprised you're jealous ;-)Now, what to do with it..

AOF - they were so silky, so pretty and so YUM. And arranged beautifully - how good does the Willow Pattern look against the red and white?!! Yes. Shall compare kohlrabi and celeriac notes! Thanks, again.

Ricki said...

Happy autumn! You photos make it look that way, anyway :).

I've never tried gyoza but am thinking I must give it a go--it sounds fantastic.

Johanna said...

looks like a lovely autumn outing - and I love your purple alien vegetable - what planet does it come from :-)

Lucy said...

Oh, Ricki, do try them. I know that the pastry of the wanton wrappers is made of gluten flour, but they are really great for a quick, fast snack. Cannot recommend AOF's recipe highly enough!

Ha! Johanna - great's a wild purple beast from the planet kohlrabi. So pleased I managed to track one down with leave still gloriously, wildly, attached.

Helen said...

You got a purple kohlrabi!! I didn't even know such a thing existed! That's fantastic.