Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We returned from a rare shopping expedition this weekend with six beautiful, useful things. An old, weathered eggbeater; a large pumpkin; one kilo of organic potatoes, still caked in red earth; a shiny new enamel-wear baking tin in red (am in love); and two old, scarred, breadboards. New props with which to play.

Thing is, I don’t have time to play. Shame, really, but things are busy around here just now.

So, while I get what needs to be done, um, done, here are a few new links worth your browsing time:

Crunchy Green Things

Kale for Sale

Cucina Nicolina

By Product

And last, but by no means least, The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet

See y'all soon.


cmoore said...

So many San Franciscans! Thanks for the links, and, thanks for the link. Your prizes sound fantastic, particularly the egg beater (I've always been such a fan). And a nice reminder that you are entering fall as we reach the pinnacle of spring...

Johanna said...

Did you ever see them on play school calling the egg beaters an invisible making machine - it is what I think whenever I look at them now! Sounds like a good swag that you will enjoy playing with some time. I must check out your links when I have a bit more energy!

Felicia said...

Sounds like you sound some delightful new to you treasures :)

Anonymous said...

Oh it sure is a busy time of year. Keep well, eat well and have the occasional massage! :) Loved the links.

winedeb said...

Wow new toys! What treasures you found!
Understand the busy mode. I am in one also and feel so bad that I am not paying more attention to all the blogs!
Bringing home a fresh pumpkin! And fresh it is with the dirt still attached! At least you do not have to hurry and play with it ASAP! I am sure it will keep for awhile!

Frances said...

what a trove of things - sounds like you'll have some fun playing when you get around to it. and lovely photo of the egg beater as well; somehow the phillips handheld mixer just can't compare! (and thanks for the link too - I'm enjoying looking at the other links as well)

Wendy said...

I know the feeling, m'dear. Take good care of yourself. x

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

Love the eggbeater, but I can't wait to see your enamel-wear baking tin!

Susan said...

The beauty of the battered beater and the reminder that we will eventually all be antique (if we are shrewd/lucky enough) is *quite* enough to enjoy this simply savvy post.

Antonia said...

Ooh - I'm really jealous of your egg beater. I love those things. Hope you find time to play with them soon!

The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet said...

Lucy -

First, I love old egg beaters. I collect old kitchen utinsels and find them just DIVINE. You are a chick after my own heart.

Second, thank you for being so generous about throwing my name around. Coming from you, I find this high praise and it simply made my day.

Third, I'm coming to Australia this weekend. Sydney, not Melbourne this time, so I won't get to meet you in person (which I think would be a real hoot) but will definately be thinking of you as we beach hop and eat our way through the city.

I'll be in touch for sure and will be reading you faithfully, as always.


Lisa said...

Busy you say? I knew this but tagged you for a meme anyway. Very uncharacteristic of me, yes, but I'm weak when the subject is printed matter. Very curious about your reading material I am.

kale for sale said...

Thank you for the mention. I've no idea how you found me but I'm so glad to have found you. You can photograph coins of leeks so they look like art, a white bowl with purple juice, more art.... potatoes in red earth. I'm smitten.

Lucy said...

Pleasure, Cmoore. I walk past it daily and it still tickles me.

I do remember that Johanna! Do check out the links when you have a moment.

Certainly did Felicia. Welcome!

Massage...mmm...massage. Will do Vegeyum.

Sometimes we all get snowed under, don't we Deb?

Frances, you are most welcome! I made Gado Gado the othe night. Thanks for fine food and the reminder.

I know you do, Wendy. That cake is a FULL-ON job woman!

She'll be out soon Mari!

I feel quite antique today, Susan. Do you like the patina on the wheel? I fell immediately in love.

Hi Antonia and welcome - it's a favourite already.

Kim, Kim, Kim, I am so sad I'll miss you guys. No matter. I'm hoping The Artist gets more work in NY and soon (well, I'm hoping hard...). I can tag along then. And you are so welcome - you make my day on a regular basis. I read your commemt on the Ruhlman blog and nearly feel off my chair. The thanks go to you, darls.

Lisa, it was quite the shock ;-) As if I could say no to you?

Kale for Sale, I've no idea either. But when I read your elegant prose, your impassioned commitment and haikus (oh, the haiku's!) I knew loved your site.