Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gifts that arrive in the post

Had the postman known what lay inside, surely he would have nabbed the parcel for himself. Luckily, he’s rather a busy man during the month of December. A jar of apricot jam, amber-hued and golden lay inside, a gift from this extraordinary woman. I tore the lid off and poked a greedy, exploratory finger in before I heard my mother's voice say, ‘Ahem, wouldn’t you like to thank Shula for her lovely, thoughtful, hand-made gift first?’


Thanks. It was gorgeous.


Laurie Constantino said...

It is indeed a great gift. She's generous, you're lucky. It would make a lovely free-form crostata.

shula said...

We really must do it again, sometime.


Christina said...

Apricot jam is my FAVORITE. Enjoy eating the canned sunshine!

Cynthia said...

I have been on the receiving end of such treasures in the post so I totally understand you hon. Enjoy!

Lucy said...

Now, If only I'd been able to hold back and save some, Laurie...that would have been wonderful.

It's a date, Shula.

Mine too, Christina, mine too.

It's quite lovely this blogging thing at times, isn't it Cynthia?

winedeb said...

How wonderful! I see me having this lovely jam, heated and put over a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Gifts that arrive in the post are the best:)

tooth whitening said...

What a great surprise! I wish we would get back to more of the old-style thoughtful gifts in this world. It means so much more when you take the time to hand make a special treat for someone.