Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eggplants and tomatoes

Pretty rose coloured eggplants and tomatoes that taste, well, like a tomato should.

Ripe, juicy and sun-drenched.

For a gratin, topped with sourdough crumbs, parsley and slivered almonds.


Simona said...

Lovely photo. Sun-drenched, that's how they should be. I will close my eyes and imagine I am smelling your gratin. I'll actually make a gratin for dinner, with cauliflower.

Cynthia said...

I'd like to get all your pictures of produce, print them and hang them up in my kitchen. Seriously.

Rosa said...

Ah, how I envy you. I broked down and bought some cherry tomatoes today, and you know, they were not that bad! Maybe I could cheat even more and make your gratin.

Rosa said...

Sorry, I broke down, not broked down!

winedeb said...

Art On A Plate! Mother Nature has such a pretty palate!

Patricia Scarpin said...

I love the idea of adding almonds to the gratin, Lucy!

Dirty Flamingo said...

Hey there!

You've got some seriously good-looking photos on your site. And quite a few yum recipes as well!

I will link you on my page at:


Christina said...

Oh yes, it is summer there. I'm really having a hankering for summer today. Today, this picture made me a little jealous.


Susan said...

Would that we were living in country, Lucy. I would dispatch to your doorstep a portion of sourdough starter I still have dormant in my freezer.

Love the composition. Graffiti eggplant is picture perfect. I'd almost hate to cut it up.

Johanna said...

Love your photo - those eggplants look so amazing - I would love a jumper with that sort of pattern - makes me feel life should imitate vegetables more :-)

Lucy said...

Simona - I'd like to love going to try and love it come this winter!

Cynthia, funny you should say that. I'm trying to think of a way to display my work...your kitchen may be a good place to start!

Oh, Rosa, cherry toms seem to be available all year and I wouldn't ever worry about that! Somehow the smaller they are, the sweeter they are, regardless of season.

She's a very clever thing Mother Nature, isn't she, Deb?

Patricia - they add the necessary crunch!

Hi DF - will drop by again soon. Thanks for the link!

Christina - the summer/winter thing is terribly confusing. All my love to you, X.

Susan, I must say that they sat there in their bowl for longer than I would have liked simply because they were so beautiful. Now, that sourdough starter...I'll email you for the recipe. Bread-making is high on my list of skills I want to acquire this year.

Oh, Johanna that would be something to behold. If only I could knit without having a tantrum!