Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yes. The internet has no ‘gatekeepers’. Yes. The internet is ‘un-edited’. I don’t doubt that yes, somewhere, out there, the internet is littered with a tonne of rubbish.

But really, do we have to be belittled by people just as opinionated as us?

John Lethlean’s words in The Age this week resulted in more verbiage from a growing community of budding and not-so-budding Australian writers on Ed’s blog, Tomato; all of it thought-provoking, all of it relevant, much of it consoling.

Still, I am irritated.

Much of my reading time is taken up by books rather than opinion pieces, so I often have neither the time nor inclination to read them. The politics of food are high on my agenda, but as a subject, rarely make it onto these pages. But when I stumbled across Mr Lethlean’s comment, a small, off-handed one, no doubt intended to be taken on face value rather than as a deeper dig, I felt a little shiver of irritation.

It’s been playing on my mind.

I do not think that I write badly and most certainly do not think badly of anyone else’s words. On the contrary, most people whose work (and let’s face it, it is work) I read take great pride in it and that, surely, is to be applauded. We are a literate and often amusing bunch. I'm happy to read what appeals to these eyes and switch off to the words that do not resonate.

It’s as simple as that.


Christina said...

Sing it, sister. I hear you all the way on the other side of the hemisphere, and I'm singing along.

mutemonkey said...

I share your irritation! It's the TONE of it that really gets up my nose. Grrrrrrr! :)

Kalyn said...

Well said!

shula said...

Smells of pompous git, with an subtle undertone of threatened.

Truth is, print journalists are likely to become increasingly obsolete. I would imagine they're a little worried.

Not to mention out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Don't let it play on your mind. Ain't worth it. Think about it. If you were Lethlean and at the top of your tree in a little bitty place like Melbourne, which direction would he be worried about travelling in soon? Up or down.

And do you think that the powers that be at newspapers like the Age and culinary magazines wouldn't looking at the net, and in particular, blogs, for fresh new voices and talent? Hmmmm. If I were a big wheel I would be worried.

Many years ago, I thought it would be the coolest thing to write cookbooks and columns. Boy am I glad I didn't pursue it. What a rat race. The grind it must be to constantly have to reinvent yourself or keep yourself relevant.

A particular couple come to mind. Nowhere to go here so off to London. I believe they are known as Mr and Mrs Pushy. Liked even less over there than here.

You just stay in your groove and enjoy what you do, rather than feel compelled to keep it up.

Julie's journey said...

Lucy I dont think they know what they are talking about. Your blog inspires me to start cooking again. Your passion your photos - superb. The herb tart is next on my list. I agree with Shula - pompous git!

Rosa said...

I am constantly amazed by the talent and generosity of food bloggers and I've learned a great deal about both writing and cooking since entering the blogging world - thanks to people like you, Lucy!

It baffles me why anyone would feel the need to put down bloggers, but I agree that his comment seems related to the issue of who has a "right" to pass judgement on restaurants. Too bad for him, journalism is changing faster than he is!

Wendy said...

More confused than irritated.
Like you, I'm not in any way interested in the politics of food. What I am interested in is exploring the world of food and enjoying the writing of other people who have the similar passions. Why this little man has a problem with what we do is entirely beyond me!
OK, I am irritated now.

BTW did you see The Guardian's focus on Melbourne blogs?

Figs Olives Wine said...

I'm irritated too. I didn't know about this. Well said, Lucy.

Callipygia said...

Reiterating what others have said. Just seems like they are pretty threatened by the popularity of the food blogging community. There might be some that fits into the category that they describe, but most that I have read are thoughtful, interesting & creative. Oh yeah & lots of work, speaking of which I should hop to it!

katiez said...

Well said. I agree.
I'm being a woman of few words today!

KikiMiss said...

All that needs to be said to Mr Lethlean and fellow cronies is...."jealousy is a disease, get well soon bitches!!". LOL