Thursday, June 28, 2007


Abundant rain has brought the garden back to life.

Parsley, picked when the sun broke through, for a fennel and walnut filo pastry pie.

The handpainted bowl, a gift from the Artist's ex-wife's holiday in Turkey.

I love it.


Rosa said...

Gorgeous bowl, gorgeous parsley. It's lovely how something so simple can be so inspiring.

Figs Olives Wine said...

I love the bowl and the parsley! A highly underrated herb these days.

shula said...


My favourite.

Susan said...

What a lush photo. I suddenly have a craving for fresh pasta with parsley and olive oil.

Cynthia said...

It's only recently that we've started to plant flat-leaf parsley here but the curley-leaf parsley is abundant.

Susan said...

What riveting cobalt blue; it's hard not to stare at it. Your pie sounds like it will be rich, fragrant and bracing.

Johanna said...

fennel and walnut pie sounds wonderful, esp with parsley from a rainsoaked garden - and the bowl reminds me a little of one I bought from turkey that I love using for my fruit bowl - they do such beautiful designs there!

kathryn said...

Fennel and walnut pie sounds fabulous Lucy. I actually can't think how you'd put that together - any chance of a recipe?

Wendy said...

Parsley is a favourite of mine too. I have lots of curly parsley in my garden. The flat leaf doesn't seem to like colder climates though and it's the flatleaf I prefer. Always have a big bunch of store bought stuff in a glass of water in the fridge.
Great for nibbling on!

Lucy said...

Rosa, you must see some wonderful bunches of parsley in France!

Amanda, both looked so good together and you're right, it's very underratted. Love the stuff.

Shula, lovely Shula. Mine too. Add it to almost everything.

Yum, Susan - that sounds gorgeous!

Though it's a little unfashionable now Cynthia, the curly parsley is just as good. Have planted some and it's growing quite well.

It's a great blue Susan. The pie is wonderful, though surprisingly filling (probably the walnuts, but they were very fresh and good).

Johanna, this bowl was hand-painted by a family who live in a cave! How cool is that? Your salad bowl must be very beautiful.

It still needs just a bit of tweaking before I send it out into the world, Kathryn! When I do I'll send it on to you. Great for dinner parties.

Wendy, it's great for doing just that. Wonder why it doesn't like the cold?