Thursday, June 7, 2007


On the way back from Bendigo, thick clouds settled over the Macedon Ranges.

From the moving car; dog snot on the window blurring all.

Nice lunch at the regional gallery.


Susan said...

A marvelous shot despite the "disadvantages." I would not have noticed. Bad doggie!

Lucy said...

She can't just sit on my lap this little dog, no, she has to have her nose pressed up against the glass the entire time...the light is almost eerie.

Susan said...

So many of my Thai dishes call for kaffir lime leaves, but they're so hard to find here.

Miss Eagle said...

I love the Regional Gallery at Bendigo - and that lovely restaurant out the back close by all those statues. It is home to one of my very favourite pictures, Girl with Cigarette.

The cloud picture looks great.

Blessings and bliss

Lucy said...

Ah, Miss Eagle - it's a stunning gallery and the restaurant is a fine thing indeed. Was pleased to see a William Dellafield Cook painting that I'd never seen as well. Quite enjoyed the drive out there and back - found a nice little town called Malmsbury along the way.