Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms, their ruffled gills crushed.

Sauteed in ginger-spiked butter.

A showering of parsley at the end.


Susan said...

Where do you get your 'shrooms, Lucy? I've never gotten oysters THAT white, THAT fresh. They've always been a bit dingy and a little too moist. Perfectly good, but not star quality.

Lucy said...

These ones came from the grocer next door. I check in there almost everyday in the hope that something fantastic jumps out at me, but am often disappointed (he's not organic I'm afraid). Luck of the draw sometimes!

I have seen beautiful shell-pink ones, no bigger than a fingernail. I'd love to find them again some day.

Susan said...

These oyster mushrooms are absolutely perfect! They looks so lush and creamy; I'd love to add some to my Asian stir-fry tonight!