Thursday, May 31, 2007


Last day of autumn. Rain, wind, the lot.

A foggy, muddled, unhappy brain. Market was just the ticket.

Artichokes! Fresh this morning.

In May?


verO said...

I discover your blog through "Foodie Blogs". Photos are beautiful.
Bien à toi

Lucy said...

Bon jour vero. Merci beaucoup.

The blogroll is great - she's a clever girl that Jenn.

Cynthia said...

All your pictures of fresh produce and ingredients are always so refreshing and inspiring.

Susan said...

I've never seen artichokes on their stalks before. They look like scepters. Did you bring some home with you?

Lucy said...

Cynthia - thanks. It's the stuff itself that inspires me.

Susan these ones have incredibly long stalks and are the freshest I've ever seen. Organic too! I brought everything you see home with me, plonked the lot on the bench and the sun came out.


Johanna said...

what a lovely photo - if only my grocery bag looked so gorgeous when I unpack it - makes you want to cook beautiful food :-)

Susan said...

What a great, casual composition.
I could swear it's a produce-laden table at a farmers' market.

Lucy said...

Sometimes you get lucky Johanna, like your beautiful post about that purple cauliflower! The colours seemed quite nice, but a bit flat, then the sun came out. Much better.