Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fish and chips

The children’s magazine I write for lost the new address. Bugger. A quick email, just checking what was happening, resulted in a piles picture books and novels arriving at my door and a panicked editor begging for my work with a 10 day deadline. Double bugger. I am up to my ears in books. Again.

Being something of a Luddite, there are times when it is difficult to keep up with posting here, despite the fact that I have more inclination and time on my hands than ever before. Years of working as a bookseller meant that my world and working life were filled with, obviously, books. Computers were used for enquiries and sales; tracking returns and special orders. I didn’t have one in my home until the journey south and only got my first email address in 2001… I’m only just beginning to understand a little of the world of ‘puters. In truth, I still prefer writing and sketching in my Moleskin notebook, but having recently acquired a laptop of my own I feel compelled to use it!

So, in an effort to keep myself posting, I have set myself a task, something most bloggers seem to do. Friday night is often Fish and Chips night at our house, though neither the fish nor chips are battered or deep-fried. It’s a traditional dish for many people and open to lots of interpretation and experimentation. More accurately, ours is Fish and Potatoes (any kind, done any way) a meal that seems a little celebratory, but is easy and luxurious. Each Friday I will try something different, posting the subsequent results here. Wish me luck.

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Susan said...

As much as I rely on my computer, I always have a notebook with me. Some habits are hard to break.

I wish you the best of luck and look forward to your posts!

Susan from Food "Blogga"