Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy New Year to all

The new year is upon us and with it much expectation for the year ahead. Resolutions are made with the best of intentions, usually in the heat of the moment and rarely kept beyond the first few days of January. I, like many people, used to make bold resolutions that seemed achievable on the night, but in reality were bound to fail. How many people promise that their December 31st midnight cigarette will be the last, only to need one the following morning to cope with the inevitable hangover? Thankfully in the last few years I have vowed to make resolutions that are achievable, most notably the making of my bed every day. And you know what? It works.

But I am getting bolder again. This year I want to change a few things that will benefit all aspects of my life. So here goes:

1. Avoid alcohol during the week.
2. Eat less dairy.
3. Write every single day.
4. Walk, rather than drive, whenever possible.
5. Buy second hand whenever appropriate – there’s enough stuff already in circulation around the world, so why buy more?

The weather is hot. Too hot. Today’s predicted top temperature in Melbourne is 39 degrees, and it looks unlikely to drop below 30 until Sunday. The fires that are ferociously tearing through the country areas of Victoria (and in other states as well) serve as a reminder that as the planet warms up, all need to contribute to creating a cooler world. I am sick of hearing people talking about their ‘small’ contributions to helping the climate, as though turning off lights in rooms that are not being used outweighs the owning of a huge petrol-guzzling 4WD (I have overheard such conversations being had…)! Small contributions can be beneficial, but there’s more to be done, and we’re all going to have to take bigger and bolder steps. And how much ‘stuff’ does the average person need? Accumulation of things is high on my list of pet hates, something I intend to deal with this year. My friends Jo and Ian in Sydney have furnished their beautiful home with found objects – the refuse of others, lovingly repaired and perfect suited to their exceptionally refined and quirky taste. They have, so to speak, stepped out of the cycle of purchasing. Something worth aiming for, nes pas?

No food this entry – too hot to care too much – but am working on getting something out there soon. Something cooling with some luck.

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