Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Homework - again

The 'Food as Medicine' course that I am doing requires that, as the final assessment, you present a vegan-friendly dish to the class. It is, of course, group work - groan - and there's always someone who can't turn up isn't there?

Our group of five have all written our assignments around the ingredients given to us by the sixth member, a bloke who wanted to make a wanky panna cotta with agar (a seaweed-derived gelling agent) and honey. Well, it's all due in 10 days or so and guess what? Still no sign of the recipe or the bloke! So I am searching for alternatives madly on the internet. I have had some luck, but don't you think that you'd have the decency to at least answer phone messages or e-mails? What an idiot...

I am a good cook, so can probably come up with a simplified version of what I think he was trying to make, but really. This guy was so keen to tell us just how 'flat out' he is (pregnant wife, full-time job in a restaurant and full-time study) but I am convinced that he is just a bad manager of time.

Oh well, now that is off my chest I feel much better. Phew!

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