Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Not such a wonderful meal...

Okay, so last night I thought that as The Artist is overseas working away, I would make myself one of my favourite meals for one - brown rice and roasted veggies. I had pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, onion and lots of whole garlic cloves. I drizzled over the best olive oil I could find, sprinkled over some sea salt and roasted it for 45 minutes.

About halfway through I thought, 'I know, let's add some cumin seeds'. In a word - horrible! To make it 'better'I added a whole bunch of rather sorry-looking organic coriander that was wilting away quietly on the bench. Another mistake! I had imagined some kind of exotic, Moroccan-inspired dish, but it just smelled (and dare I say tasted too) of old socks. And I say this as someone who cannot understand how I ever managed to live without cumin before we met in 1990! And then there was the rice - too soggy with a bit of water left at the bottom of the pan. Diaster really. Oh well, you live and learn eh?

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