Sunday, April 16, 2006


Last year was quite an important one for me. I had been a children's bookseller for longer than I care to remember and had hit a wall. I had been doing the same job, in one form or another, in Sydney since I left Art School and when I met the Artist, who happened to live in Melbourne I was happy to make a change, both in moving and career. But guess what? It's hard to extricate yourself when you are not sure where you want to go. So I found another book shop or two, but it was no longer fulfilling and when I think about it, I hadn't actually read or enjoyed anything other than cookbooks for about five years. My mum and I adore cook books. My employers are passionate about food (well one of them is!) and so are a couple of the other staff, particularly the gorgeous Cath and when we talked it was often of food. I've never enjoyed work so much!

So I found myself with a guilty passion for food writing, but felt as though I should actually be following my first love - art. I tried, but failed (again...) and the Artist finally convinced me that it's okay to write.

And what do you write about? What you love. What you know. What you want to learn about...and that's what this blog is for - it is a way of ensuring that I write a little, every once in a while.

And one of my favourite aspects of food is healthy and nourishing food. So I've started, as of February this year, learning about Food As Medicine and am studying at a college in the city. I am looking at my homework right now and thinking that it's all a bit too scientific. I love food, and breaking it all down into scientific names and proteins, macro- and micro-nutrients (among other things) is a little, well, off-putting. It is making me realise that food needs to be seductive, luscious and enjoyable. Wholefood is where my heart is and it's key to improving your health and energy, but it can't be scientific - it's gotta be sexy.

I am reading the work of Annemarie Colbin, an American who writes about nutrition, but with an earthy, inspiring voice and she is making me see food in a different way. Her recipes, along with Nadine Abensur's and Tamasin Day Lewis' writing have had a profound affect on my own cooking. So this blog is where all of that learning will come out it we're lucky.

Soon I'll progress to pictures...ooohhhh...and it will, with any luck, start to look good! And you know what? I am enjoying reading again!

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